[gundam] The Gundam "Legend"

Mark Nguyen (mnguyen@hotmail.com)
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 13:22:41 PDT

>That's only 29.5 years ago. Another decade or two, we will have kids
>the GML mumbling about mysterious technologies that help the "ancients"
>put men in space.

I dunno about that. Cataclysic events aside, I'm pretty sure we won't be
losing too much knowledge about the how-to-dos of our era. The WHYs are
another area altogether.

Whecih brings up a significant point. In V Gundam, the existance of the
V Gundam itself is predicated on evoking the Gundam legend of seventy
years ago; in essence, it's almost like making an F-22 fighter that
looks like Billy Bishop's Sopwith Camel, for sentimental reasons.

Here's a question: In V-Gundam, just how legendary IS the Gundam image?
How often does it pop into regular conversation? Has it evolved to the
point of King Arthur, or Robin Hood and his merry Mobile Suits?

What about the Gundam mechanics themselves, then? It's obvious that the
V-Gundam and its counterparts are several times more advanced than the
first suits... Have they been relegated to legend as well? Do young
mechanics gather around campfires and trade stories about how their
grandparents worked on MS that were (gasp) over twenty meters tall?

At the very least, I'd figure they'd have fun talking about the
relatively HUGE battles in the OYW, to which all subsequent battles have
never compared (as we've discussed here before). Thoughts on this?

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