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On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Justin Palmer wrote:
> And someone else thought that not nearly that many people
> worked on the pyramids...
> ...and so on...
> ...and so on...

and so on and so on...

Forget the pyramids for crissake. If you go to NASA and ask them if they
can pull out all the blueprints, software, fuel formulations etc for the
moonshot (remember the Apollo?), guess what? They can't! They stored
their data on disks (maybe 8" diskettes?) and tapes. It seems that they
misplaced some of them and a lot of them aren't readable anymore, or they
can't find the computers with the right reading devices anymore. Of
course they have warehouses full of paper copies, but DOH! they are on
acid-bleached paper.

That's only 29.5 years ago. Another decade or two, we will have kids on
the GML mumbling about mysterious technologies that help the "ancients"
put men in space.

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