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>For example, some of the monuments found near the
>>Pyramids consist of blocks weighing an estimated 100 - 200 tons.
>> Our most powerful crane can - according to Hancock, with several
>>weeks preparation and a team of skilled engineering assistants - lift
>>about 200 tons.
>> Kinda makes the "thousands of slaves and wooden A-frames" theory
>>look a bit silly, doesn't it? ^_^
>Actually you wouldn't move a 100 to 200 ton block like that,
>hell, even a crane to move that would be hell to move in the
>desert. But if they just dug down to, or up to where the rock
>should be lain, then used a roller system, and not a crane
>you can move much more weight. Other scientists(chemists)
>believe the rocks were poured into place.

>If brute force isn't working for you, you aren't using enough
>50,000 slaves can make a lot of brute force.
        And someone else thought that not nearly that many people
worked on the pyramids...
        ...and so on...
        ...and so on... I said, I'm not sure I believe Hancock, but I do believe
that his theories are interesting. This is way off topic, and I don't
know enough myself about the conventional theories of Pyramid building
to argue for or against. Just thought it might have been of interest,
given some of the comments about relics made on the ML...

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