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Paul Fields (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 11:46:58 -0400

By the same token people don't like steroids, they build muscle
mass quickly, promote weight gain, and tear up your liver and
immune system, they give athletes an unfair advantage in some
sports, and most people are against them. However many Jews
rescued from Nazi concentration camps were saved by them and
would not have lived if not for the regain of muscle mass, and
body weight possible due to steroids.

Morphine and Opium have the same kind of rap, but are often
given to terminal patients. Its not how you get what you got, but
how you use it that counts.


>>> >Well, they brought the flying wing back, so why not. But using
>>> >the Nazi's used on their rockets? Ick.
>Depending on how much of a contribution Werner Von Braun made to the US
>space program you'd probably have to give up the moon landings, skylab and
>wholebuncha other things.
>A lot of unpleasant people were forgiven a lot because of what they knew
>because both the US and Russia wanted them [and their data -obtained by
>human experimentation] to help build missiles and rockets. Was that right?
>[There is no right answer to that question. All answers are, in some way,
>and to some extent wrong.]

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