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>> > I mean, L.Gaim had it, Five Star Stories is full of it, Orgus had it,
>> > Escaflowne is essencially about it, Nadesico had it, Gundam Wing had it
>> > not once but TWICE... hell, even Mighty Morphine Flower Strangers has it!
>> Orguss? What did they excavate in Orguss?
>> And what did they dig up in Gundamwing? I'm waiting for some kind of US
> The Tallgeese was a 'mothballed' MS from a previous era, and the Wing-Zero
>was the same kind of deal, though it existed only in blueprint form.
>> > Come on man! It's so common in anime it's BANAL! Just ONCE, I'd like to
>> > see the "Hero Mech from the Heroic Distant Past" fall flat on its butt
>> > because it hasn't had an oil change in 5000 years!
> I know, it is kinda cool, like "Stargate", but still, I'm a little tired of
>that whole schtick. I know the Japanese get a kick out of it because of all
>those myt thhos about "Swords made so perfect in the ancient past that we
>can't replicate
>them even today!" But frankly, there aren't any examples of this sort of
>meaningful technological retrograde in today's modern world.

        This is going a bit off topic, but I think you might want to
take a look at the book "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock.
I'm not completely convinced by his theories, but he presents one hell
of an intriguing case. For example, some of the monuments found near the
Pyramids consist of blocks weighing an estimated 100 - 200 tons.
        Our most powerful crane can - according to Hancock, with several
weeks preparation and a team of skilled engineering assistants - lift
about 200 tons.
        Kinda makes the "thousands of slaves and wooden A-frames" theory
look a bit silly, doesn't it? ^_^


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