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But Bandai uses it as in ep...4 I believe it was Jaburo
was definaately Jabrow..and all Bandai Games relfect this so...

>At 14:32 3/31/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>A few questions, I've seen the 'official' names of these two places as
>>Jabrow and Lunar 2 in both anime and games...are these the 'accepted'
>"Jabrow" first appeared in 1989, "Lunar 2" around the same time. This from
>the same people who've given us the Space Lunch, A-Vaoa-Koo, Guwagin,
>Midea, Soromon, Zangibal, Astaloid, Lalah Sone, Frau Baw, and Icelina
>Me, I'm a heretic. I spell the name of the Federation GHQ ... "Diablo"!
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