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Y. Choe (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 21:15:28 -0700

> Pawn = RB-79 Ball
> Rook = White Base
> Knight = RX-75 GunTank
> Bishop = RX-77-4 GunCannon
> Queen = RGM-79G GM
> King = RX-78-2 Gundam

> Pawn = MS-06S Zaku II
> Rook = Musai
> Knight = MS-07B Gouf
> Bishop = MS-09 Dom
> Queen = MS-14S Gelgoog
> King = MSN-02 Ziong

How would this play out if we were to convert to Shogo/Chinese/Korean Chess

Lemme see if I can recall correctly. There are rooks, Cannons, Knights,
Carts/Rook, Bishop(?), Vassels, and Kings (IF I recall correctly, and it's
only applicable to Korean/Chinese Chess. I'm not sure about Shogo, and I am
not talking about SHOGO:MAD either). So if I may...

Pawn/Vassels -> Ball Zaku II
Cart -> White Base Musai
Cannons -> GunCannon Zaku Cannon
Knights -> GM Gouf
Bishops -> Gundam[G] GelGoog
King -> Gundam Ziong

It kinda looks right, I think. But then again, it's been awhile since I've
seen or played those variations so...

Y. "Deus Ex Machina" Choe

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