RE: [gundam] Turn-A & UC

Y. Choe (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 21:06:15 -0700

> Here is an even funnier thought. Suppose what they are doing is digging
> up
> all of those designs from the UC wars that were so ugly, so dorky, so
> useless,
> that they were buried deep underground. Scary thought isn't it? Only the
> ugliest
> designs will be seen since they are the ones that were buried the
> deepest.

Hmm, will we see the brother of Zakrello? Or will we be treated to hoards
of Gyan and those really horrid MSX Zion suits that were thankfully scrapped
at the last minute?!? Stay tuned.

I still put my money on Turn A, though, just to make Probe sick to his
stomach. :P

Or is that the Turnip Gundam?

Y. "Turnip Gundam" Choe

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