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>Paul Fields writes,
>>Well, I was built on Augusta base, and somehow it got
>>to a remote location in the arctic circle
> The timeline says the Alex was _developed_ at Augusta, at least
>initially, but final assembly and testing might have been conducted
>elsewhere. There's also the question of where the Augusta base is - Z
>Gundam indicates that the Augusta Newtype Labs are in Oakland, but that
>would have been enemy territory during the war.
> Given that the Federation launches one of the two prongs of its North
>American offensive from Alaska, there might be an as-yet-unseen base in
>that area, of which the arctic base we see in 0080 could be a satellite.
>The "Augusta Base" mentioned in the timeline could also be hereabouts, with
>the Oakland facility seen in Z Gundam being a branch office in formerly
>Zeon-occupied territory.
> That's all sheer speculation, though...

As long as we're speculating, add in the "Alaska Incident" (10 Jan 0087)
that supposedly incited the formation of the Kalaba....


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