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>ya know, that would be really cool (a gundam chess game I mean) if it had been
>done as a computer game - I'm sure that with a couple of lightwave
rendering or
>3D Studio Max files it could be done. (And I know source code for chess games
>can be found all over the internet, i think.) Or somebody could license the
>"Battle Chess" engine... ah I'm rambling again. oops.

Except that it shouldn't be *CHESS* -- it should be *SHOGO*....

That being said, here's my line-up for the Gundam chess set:

Pawn = RB-79 Ball
Rook = White Base
Knight = RX-75 GunTank
Bishop = RX-77-4 GunCannon
Queen = RGM-79G GM
King = RX-78-2 Gundam

Pawn = MS-06S Zaku II
Rook = Musai
Knight = MS-07B Gouf
Bishop = MS-09 Dom
Queen = MS-14S Gelgoog
King = MSN-02 Ziong


The Gundam chess set should reflect the One Year War. There's enough
different MS in each "era" to allow for Z, ZZ, Sentinel, CCA, F91, and V
chess sets.

As much as I like the imagery of a GM being promoted to a Gundam if you get
one to the eighth rank, the Pawn is always the weakest of the pieces, so
the Ball is the appropriate corresponding MS on the Federation side. By
rights, the MS-05 Zaku I should be the Pawn on the Zeon side, but that
didn't appear onscreen in the original and, as you'll see, counting down
from the top doesn't leave room for anything "weaker" than the Zaku II.

The Rook is the anchor piece, usually represented by a castle or an
elephant, so I believe a capital ship is the appropriate corresponding
mecha. If you balk at the idea of two White Bases, substitute a Salamis
for one White Base. Or for both -- I just felt that, as long as ships are
being used here, the WB should be there. You could match them with a Musai
and a Zanzibar on the Zeon side....

The King's obvious in the Federation side -- it's *GOT* to be the Gundam --
and it fortuitously happens that the rest of the Fed MS rank neatly between
the Rook and King positions. The MSN-02 Ziong is the biggest and baddest
Onee Year War MS and, like the Gundam, a one-off -- a shoo-in for King.
The Gelgoog, Dom and Gouf proceed naturally down from that, pushing the
Zaku II out into peonage.

I'll allow as how you could use the jazzier retconned versions on either
side. Put in an MS-08TX Ifreet on the Zeon side and promote the Gelgoog to
King. As I recall, Shogo has an extra piece or three, which means more
goodies for the Zeon side, but creates a bit of a problem for the
Federation side that *REQUIRES* the inclusion of Gundam 0080, Blue Destiny
and 08th MS Team MS.

In any case, we already have a template for some of the pieces in the form
of the 1:220 Micro-Gundam series....


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