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><< I beg to differ. By that logic, Capule would be one of the last MS
to be
> picked to be appear in Turn-A Gundam.
> Do you really think one of the most bizzarre looking MS from one of the
> least popular UC series are picked to sell toys? IIRC, Capule didn't
> get 1/144 kit treatment. And I doubt not too many older fans will
> the show just to see Capule. >>
>It all makes sense now. IT is a plan to make ZZ Gundam seem cool. I
>yeah the Capule is dorky but compared to the Turn A it is awesome. They
>hoping to make people so desperate for a cool looking mech that they
will go
>out and buy all of the leftover ZZ models. then when Turn A is over
>will rebroadcast ZZ to a wild fanfare.

Here is an even funnier thought. Suppose what they are doing is digging
all of those designs from the UC wars that were so ugly, so dorky, so
that they were buried deep underground. Scary thought isn't it? Only the
designs will be seen since they are the ones that were buried the

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