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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 17:06:41 -0700 (MST)

> > But in the end, to the chagrin of Probe, the Turn-A kicks the snot out of
> > everything. The End...
> heehee...

  Argh! Don't make me barf!

> > I mean, L.Gaim had it, Five Star Stories is full of it, Orgus had it,
> > Escaflowne is essencially about it, Nadesico had it, Gundam Wing had it
> > not once but TWICE... hell, even Mighty Morphine Flower Strangers has it!
> Orguss? What did they excavate in Orguss? Somethin from Macross or Souther

  Someone mentioned something about Orguss and I may have been confused about
that, I've never seen Orguss (and from what I've heard, I'm not missing
anything!). Magic Knights Rayearth is another good example..

> the HELL isn't there a hover tank model kit from southern cross? (or for that
> matter, any mecha from that series??)

  The series simply didn't do very well...

> And what did they dig up in Gundamwing? I'm waiting for some kind of US release

   The Tallgeese was a 'mothballed' MS from a previous era, and the Wing-Zero
was the same kind of deal, though it existed only in blueprint form.

> > Come on man! It's so common in anime it's BANAL! Just ONCE, I'd like to
> > see the "Hero Mech from the Heroic Distant Past" fall flat on its butt
> > because it hasn't had an oil change in 5000 years!
> yeah, I agree. After a while it does get pretty tiresome, but if its done right
> it can be pretty effective. Well, it could be if it was done right AND done
> sparingly, but then there'd be a serious lacking of science fiction plots. We'd
> have battletech with its "Star League" era technology being rediscovered, and a
> couple of old apocalyptic films, like Planet of the Apes. (And Macross! Where

  I know, it is kinda cool, like "Stargate", but still, I'm a little tired of
that whole schtick. I know the Japanese get a kick out of it because of all
those myt thhos about "Swords made so perfect in the ancient past that we
can't replicate
them even today!" But frankly, there aren't any examples of this sort of
meaningful technological retrograde in today's modern world. Or rather, even
though civilizations rise and fall (at least, until the advent of American
Democracy which will rule forever) it simply doesn't make sense that someone
would, for example, uncover a M1 tank five hundred years in the future and
would, without knowing _anything_ about our science, get it working as a
viable weapon.

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