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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
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> >What were the battles of Operation Odessa?
> The Federation devoted more than half of its terrestrial forces to this
> campaign, a massive operation to recapture the resource-rich region north

  Cool! This was basically the first big push of the 'take back Earth'
campaign by the Federation... this is what they'd been gearing up for and if
they hadn't won this battle it pretty much would have been all over, eh?

> of the Black Sea. The target was Zeon's Odessa mining base, commanded by
> Captain Ma Kube, which supplied the Zeon homeland with a steady supply of
> raw materials (as per earlier discussion on this list, this may have
> included bulk quantities of gold).

  Kinda funny... The Zeons are supposedly supposed to be following Zeon's
philosophy of leaving the Earth alone so it can heal itself... meanwhile they
drop tons of troops and MS onto the Earth and immediately start strip-mining
everything in sight for resources! Gee, idealistic aren't they?

> Federation forces commanded by General Revil began gathering for the
> operation weeks beforehand, and when the campaign was launched, eight
> separate armies converged on Odessa from western Europe and the
> Mediterranean. There was presumably a lot of fighting en route, as the

  Wow, basically the big D-Day of the 1YW isn't it? You know, could you say
that Zeon's fate was sealed once they`d been rooted out of Earth?
  You know, there's something I never understood: When Zeon basically ruled
the surface, seas and skies of Earth before Operation Odessa... why weren't
they hunting down and destroying all the fed bases and factories that they
could? Or, is this the reason why so many Federation installations seem to be
built deep underground, inside mountains or under glaciers, so the Zeons
couldn't find them and shoot at them from orbit or from the air?

> eight armies pressed toward Odessa, but the main battle began on November 7
> and ended two days later in a Federation victory.

  That's an incredibly short battle considering the magnitude and importance
of it. Did Ma Kube simply decide to hightail it outta there the moment the
crap started hitting the fan?

> The Federation is said to have deployed a couple of dozen pre-production
> GMs in this battle - in fact, I think Blue Destiny hero You Kajima and his
> test pilot teammates were supposed to have fought here - but mostly it used

  Ah... there are always pre-production or experimental everythings supposedly
fighting in every battle of the 1YW, it's the retoconner's delight and it can
be really annoying! Though it is at least somewhat realistic... during real
wartime it isn't unsual to see an isolated platoon or squadron testing out
some new weapons system thrust into the middle of battle, though they usually
aren't fighting right on the front lines!

> conventional forces like Fly Manta fighter-bombers, Deprogg bombers, Type
> 61 tanks, and a few Big Tray land battleships. The White Base was ordered

  Wow! I was really hoping to see a few mothballed Big Trays coming out to
take on the Zanscar's "Wheeled Warriors" in VG but unfortunately it was not to
be! These things are basically giant hovercraft, right? I mean, they didn't
have the M-Craft system back when _those_ things were built, right?

> to cross Asia and join the battle, but in the movie version it didn't make
> it in time.

  The battle was over too darned fast! Did they fight in Odessa in the
original series?

> Zeon forces were the usual - Magella tanks, a few Dabte land battleships,

 Hrmm... I don't think I remember THOSE from the series, what did the Dabte's
look like?

> and Zakus aplenty. Ma Kube's forces were also equipped with Goufs and Dodai
> bombers, and a few Doms might have been available also.

   Now, it would have been nice to see in 8MST some battles between Zakus and

> >Who took back California Base, and how?
> The Federation's North American cleanup operation began on December 5,
> and two main forces were dispatched - north from Jaburo, and south from
> Alaska. The forces met up in the Cascade mountains and swept down upon the

  That is a LONG LONG march to get to the battlefield! You'd think the Zeons
would have gotten ALOT of warning that the Feds were coming! Curiously, they
don't seem to fight too well on the ground!

> California Base, capturing it on December 15. Blue Destiny pilot You Kajima
> and his teammates participated in this battle, as did Ifrit Kai pilot

   Busy busy GM pilots, aren't they?

> The Federation forces were amply supplied with GMs, and a few GM Cannons
> (in winter camouflage). The Zeon defenders included ace pilot Ian Greyden

  Winter Camoflauge? Cool! I take it that the cannons that the GM-Cannons were
carrying were used against installations and stuff like that? (Doesn't seem to
be a very good anti-MS weapon).

> and his nine-member Zaku Cannon team. It seems that the Zeons expended much

  These were the Zak-K's right? What ARE those hip-mounted launchers they

> of their forces in the unsuccessful Jaburo raid on November 30, and were
> ill-prepared to fend off the Federation assault. Surviving Zeon forces
> apparently fled to the Cape Canaveral base in Florida.

  And promptly hightailed it off of Earth... Not the best fighting ground for
the Zeons!
  SO the Zeon's basically pulled a Leningrad against the Federation, eh? Did
Jaburo fight back with GMs and stuff, or was it simply so heavily fortified
that the Zeons couldn't blast through it while they were getting pummelled by
fixed-fire weapons?

> implies that fighting continued past the official end of the war, with
> Zeon's 5th Terrestrial Mobile Division - the Zeon foreign legion, composed
> of Federation defectors and sympathetic spacenoids - putting up fierce
> resistance, and going underground to continue a guerilla campaign for years
> thereafter.

  Where we meet up with them again in 0083! How convenient! Though it seems
like the Zeons finally surrender and give up after Gato launches (nice touch),
though one must wonder... what have these guys been EATING after three years
living inside a mountain mine?
  I guess it makes sense that the Zeons would drum up local opposition to the
Feds and try to portray themselves as 'liberators' wherever they could, and it
makes alot of sense that the African contigent of the terrestrial forces would
fight for so long, after all, they're the ones who _really_ have no home to go
back to! On the other hand, it was probably very easy for the Zeon military to
'abandon' the indigenes down on Earth (they're not REAL Spacenoids after all!)


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