RE: [gundam] Synapse' fate ?

Y. Choe (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 16:16:53 -0700

> Just a couple of questions...
> What happened to Eiphar Synapse after the colony drop ? I know he was
> sentenced to death but was he actually executed ?

Either executed or rotting in prison. But the supposed sentencing was in
the liner notes, so it may be that Synapse was never tried or executed, just
um... slienced or removed from the UC universe as we all know it.

> I've got most of the 0083 Viz comics, but were any of the other
> series done
> in the same way ? I was quite impressed by the Viz translations - I never
> knew that the phrase "UNT Spacy" was disowned by Sunrise - why was that ?

I don't know about 0083 but from my first impression of the 0079
translations, it's a doozie. Three cheers for Mark's mate Julie for doing a
superb job of the translation!

> I've got black and white Thai translated copies of some of the original
> series and Z Gundam, but its interesting after all this time to
> see what the
> English translations are, and go back and compare them :)

I've yet to see any other translations aside from Korean translation of OMG
and several other translations. It always seems to me that something is
lost in the translation, but something else is gained in the re-translation,
so it's a arguable point. Some just scan the artwork, and more power to
those folks...

> Oh, shameless plug: I've finally updated my Gundam Imperium site
> with some
> new designs: The GM Commander, Heavy Armour GM, Jidora and Dega-Berguss -
> lemme know what you think guys :)

Do you take requests? If so, I would like to request a Gundam Destiny for
mah wallpaper. :)

Y. Choe

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