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just had to say I thought this was INCREDIBLY well-said. bravo.

> Just because something doesn't exist now, doesn't mean it won't exist ever.
> The Pyramids, at one time, did not exist, but they were built at impossible
> odds. The Great Wall of China, at one time, did not exist. The technology for
> traveling to the moon and back did not at one time exist and were seen as
> impossible. Computers, at one time, did not exist. True artificial
> intelligence still does not exist, but is it impossible? Bipedal, piloted,
> giant robots do not exist at this time, but bipedal computer controlled human
> sized robots do. In the case of a 5 gigahertz processor chip, it may not be
> here now, but it is just around the corner. Smaller integrated circuit
> geometry's are needed for greater processing speeds. At one time, processor
> chips were unheard of, now we have 1 GHz chips. Is 5 GHz all that over the
> top? X-ray lithography with bring the geometry's down past the 0.19 micron
> size that Intel is currently using on the P3's. Chemical vapor deposited
> copper will replace plasma vapor deposited gold or nickel-vendadium. Cell
> phones are getting smaller. Palm top computers are getting better.
> Cybernetics are now real. The Greeks would have seen brain surgery as
> impossible, but the Aztecs didn't.
> Impossible may be in your vocabulary, but it isn't in mine.
> SJ

Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
"The more you know, the less you understand." - Tao te Ching

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