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<< Orguss? What did they excavate in Orguss? Somethin from Macross or Souther
 Cross? (Did I get that right? SDF Macross, SDF Souther Cross, SDF Orguss /
 Orguss 2?) - yet another series I've never seen (unless you count robotech).
 those series actually related in any way other than transforming mecha, and
 the HELL isn't there a hover tank model kit from southern cross? (or for that
 matter, any mecha from that series??)
Orguss was between Macross and Southern Cross, not after. I mean heck the
guy mentions Minmei in the first episode. Also the Orguss main mech actually
shows up in the original Macross. It is next to a Defender if I remember
correctly in one of the numerous scenes during the big battle with Dolza (or
whatever his name was in the original series). It gets blown up too.
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