Re: [gundam] Synapse' fate ?

Mark Nguyen (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 15:04:10 PDT

>>What happened to Eiphar Synapse after the colony drop ? I know he was
>>sentenced to death but was he actually executed ?
> No idea. The only place we're even told he was sentenced to die is in
>Shindosha timeline. I was talking about this with some friends the
>day, and we concluded that his capital crime was, in short, "Not
>in Z Gundam." :-)

Didn't the ole' fansubs translate that the LD liner notes said that
Synapse was exectuted for treason, or something like that?

Given that Synapse was the skipper on the ship responsible for being a
thorn in one of Basque Ohm's, plan, it should put him high on the
scapegoat list. Given Ohm-boy's psychopathic tendencies to genocide and
all around nuttiness in Zea, I wouldn't put it above him or another
Titans flunkie to off our heroic Captain.

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