[gundam] Synapse' fate ?

Mon, 5 Apr 1999 16:22:10 EDT

Just a couple of questions...

What happened to Eiphar Synapse after the colony drop ? I know he was
sentenced to death but was he actually executed ?

I've got most of the 0083 Viz comics, but were any of the other series done
in the same way ? I was quite impressed by the Viz translations - I never
knew that the phrase "UNT Spacy" was disowned by Sunrise - why was that ?

I've got black and white Thai translated copies of some of the original
series and Z Gundam, but its interesting after all this time to see what the
English translations are, and go back and compare them :)

Oh, shameless plug: I've finally updated my Gundam Imperium site with some
new designs: The GM Commander, Heavy Armour GM, Jidora and Dega-Berguss -
lemme know what you think guys :)


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