Re: [gundam] Secret Missions of the One Year War

Paul Fields (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 15:51:44 -0400

Paul Fields asks the questions I'm dying to answer...

>>Who chased, and lost the transport from Augusta to
>>the Polar base, was it Cyclops or someone else?
> Not sure on this one... I don't remember anything about the transport
>being chased to the polar base.
>-- Mark

Well, I was built on Augusta base, and somehow it got
to a remote location in the arctic circle, they didn't appear
to have any form of landing strip, and I wouldn't want to try
and clean it anyhow, so I'd use some sort of surface craft
or submersible, but for the Cyclops team to arrive just before
the launch is too much for me to believe without some sort
of Hunt for Red October going on first, I guess we could call
the narrow undersea channel from Augusta to the polar caps
Fed Route One. But that's all preference. I actually have an
Idea for an after the war campaign where one assignment
is coordinating the search for a Yukon, and her rogue captain
before he reaches (Jaburo, or some other base, and breaks
the Antarctica treaty if you know what I mean) but too many
details will spoil it for the players. Since this list is being
archived, we'll have to discuss the really juicy stuff directly.


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