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> have u guys read english comics' about gundam?? where r u from?? USA or UK
> etc??
> me from hong kong and r very close to jap land. TV channels buy and dubbed
> the series to chiense. just wondered how people know the terms in
> #
> (except for reading webpage)

I've understood a lot more about Gundam from reading, in English (being my
only language), than I have watched. And the majority of what I've read was
in the form of English magazine articles (Mecha Press, Protoculture Addicts),
the English translated 0083 graphic novels, and the first two of the English
translated Gundam novels (Gundam: Awakening and Gundam: Escalation, I have
just now gotten my hands on book #3, Gundam: Confrontation.) I do understand
that there are indeed differences in the translations when compared to the
actual Japanese releases, so I don't take what I've read as cannon. I do own
MS Gundam I, II, and III, Zeta Gundam, G Gundam, vol.1 Gundam Wing, and
Gundam X, all in Japanese with no subbing or dubbing, and on LD. I also own
the first two volumes of 0083: Stardust Memories in English and on VHS,
thanks to Other than those sources, I have read just about
every Gundam web site that is in English that I could find. I am by no means
an expert, but I do like to think I can hold my own in an intelligent
conversation over Gundam. I tend to like the UC stuff more than the alternate
universe stuff, but that has more to do with my liking war stories over the
super suits vs cannon fodder stories. But I do find G Gundam to be to funny
to negatively criticize. I love the art and animation in Gundam Wing, but
haven't found the story to be very compelling. I still haven't watch Gundam
X, since I've only just now gotten a hold of the first volume, but I have
read about it. As to the rest, I have view them without understanding the
dialog, but for the most part the animation is universal and very easy to
follow plot-wise. What I have read about them, I found to be very accurate in
regard to what I have watched. Oh, and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

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