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Paul Fields asks the questions I'm dying to answer...

>What were the battles of Operation Odessa?

  The Federation devoted more than half of its terrestrial forces to this
campaign, a massive operation to recapture the resource-rich region north
of the Black Sea. The target was Zeon's Odessa mining base, commanded by
Captain Ma Kube, which supplied the Zeon homeland with a steady supply of
raw materials (as per earlier discussion on this list, this may have
included bulk quantities of gold).

  Federation forces commanded by General Revil began gathering for the
operation weeks beforehand, and when the campaign was launched, eight
separate armies converged on Odessa from western Europe and the
Mediterranean. There was presumably a lot of fighting en route, as the
eight armies pressed toward Odessa, but the main battle began on November 7
and ended two days later in a Federation victory.

  The Federation is said to have deployed a couple of dozen pre-production
GMs in this battle - in fact, I think Blue Destiny hero You Kajima and his
test pilot teammates were supposed to have fought here - but mostly it used
conventional forces like Fly Manta fighter-bombers, Deprogg bombers, Type
61 tanks, and a few Big Tray land battleships. The White Base was ordered
to cross Asia and join the battle, but in the movie version it didn't make
it in time.

  Zeon forces were the usual - Magella tanks, a few Dabte land battleships,
and Zakus aplenty. Ma Kube's forces were also equipped with Goufs and Dodai
bombers, and a few Doms might have been available also.

>Who took back California Base, and how?

  The Federation's North American cleanup operation began on December 5,
and two main forces were dispatched - north from Jaburo, and south from
Alaska. The forces met up in the Cascade mountains and swept down upon the
California Base, capturing it on December 15. Blue Destiny pilot You Kajima
and his teammates participated in this battle, as did Ifrit Kai pilot
Nimbus Schterzen.

  The Federation forces were amply supplied with GMs, and a few GM Cannons
(in winter camouflage). The Zeon defenders included ace pilot Ian Greyden
and his nine-member Zaku Cannon team. It seems that the Zeons expended much
of their forces in the unsuccessful Jaburo raid on November 30, and were
ill-prepared to fend off the Federation assault. Surviving Zeon forces
apparently fled to the Cape Canaveral base in Florida.

>Who put down the Zeon forces in Africa?

  Unclear. The operation supposedly began at the same time as the
California Base assault, but didn't wrap up as rapidly. The timeline
implies that fighting continued past the official end of the war, with
Zeon's 5th Terrestrial Mobile Division - the Zeon foreign legion, composed
of Federation defectors and sympathetic spacenoids - putting up fierce
resistance, and going underground to continue a guerilla campaign for years

>Who chased, and lost the transport from Augusta to
>the Polar base, was it Cyclops or someone else?

  Not sure on this one... I don't remember anything about the transport
being chased to the polar base.

-- Mark

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