Re: [gundam] Turn-A & UC

Yves Sakai (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 08:26:59 -1000

On Sun, 4 Apr 1999, Mark Nguyen wrote:
> God forbid. So we find out that the main characters have been helped
> along by a mysterious cloaked figure, who gives them advice and supplies
> the giant robots everyone uses to kick butt. In the last episode, we
> find out that this character is actually... HARO!
> The 8000 year old basketbot has acheived sentience, built himself a
> body, and set himself on a quest to save mankind! It's only taken this
> long because he's never been able to say more than "Haro genki" and as
> such isn't much use at peace conferences...

Hmmn... You sure his name wasn't altered at some point... to HARU (in
Romanji, H-A-L)?

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