Re: [gundam] Secret Missions of the One Year War

Dennis (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 02:47:57 +0800

Paul Fields wrote:

> Again for the Gundam One Year War I'm working on
> I need ideas for missions that players could go on
> that rightly no one will ever have heard of in the series.
> We can't all be in the spotlight alongside Char and
> Amuro, so the next best thing is to not be heard from
> at all.
> What were the battles of Operation Odessa?
> Who took back California Base, and how?
> Who put down the Zeon forces in Africa?
> Who chased, and lost the transport from Augusta to
> the Polar base, was it Cyclops or someone else?
> Paul
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  how about the recapture of pearl habour (i am serious ^_^ as it said in
a rpg book)

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