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Paul Fields writes,

>The Zeon 3 man teams coming from the fact, Zeon's war-horse the Musai
>carries 3, except for Char's which carried 4 (maybe they stored it in the
>Komusai) Or am I way off.

  No, that's correct. In fact, since Char says he's lost three Zakus when
he calls Dozul, it's been observed that he should originally have had
_five_ (but maybe his Musai is special, in addition to its funky helmet).
At any rate, Char tends to deploy his Zakus in threes, sometimes with
himself fighting independently.

>At least that would explain why Zeon ground
>and space forces used the same squad numbers, the unit size originated
>from the same place.

  Uh-huh, and the Gow attack carrier also carries three mobile suits... and
eight Dopp fighters, though I dunno what _that_ implies about the fighter
squadron size.

>Also if the space based Feds go in groups of five, what ships do they have
>to carry that many besides the WhiteBase?

  They have no MS-carrying ships period, actually. A line in the 0083
novels indicates that Federation ship squadrons consist of three cruisers
and 15 mobile suits (presumably carried aboard a Columbus transport ship),
which would indicate a squadron of three five-unit teams.

>Mark, someone off topiced about Patlabor a bit ago, about how everyone
>was scared of MS because there was no transition from Forklifts to MS in
>the UC era, but I thought the MS were adapted from the vehicles used in
>building the colonies right?

  Nope, that's a fannish superstition. The mobile suit's humanoid form
sprang pretty much full-blown from Zeon's attempt to create a
highly-manueverable space fighter. The technology that coordinates a mobile
suit's limbs simply didn't exist before the Zeon military invented it.
After that, the technolgy rapidly made its way into the civilian sector (as
we see in Gundam 0080). The closest thing to humanoid vehicles that existed
before were the space pods on which the Ball is based.

-- Mark

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