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> have u guys read english comics' about gundam?? where r u from?? USA or UK
> etc??

I live in the US, and have 2 issues of the US-released (or at least it was in
english language) Gundam 0083 comics, (issues number 8 and 9, and yes, I would
be interested in collecting the rest of the series!). The neatest thing about
them is that on the inside of the front and back covers are technical
information of some things from Gundam. (for example, in the back of issue #8
there's a great drawing of Cima's Gelgoog Marine!) Like I said though, if anyone
knows where I can find the rest of the series I'd be greatful.

I bought them a few years ago at a comic store before it closed for good. (also
the place where I found my first gundam models - quite some time ago it seems.)
I also am awaiting the Silhouette Formula 91 comic from -Z- (thanks again man!),
but don't have it yet.

> me from hong kong and r very close to jap land. TV channels buy and dubbed
> the series to chiense. just wondered how people know the terms in english!!@#
> (except for reading webpage)

most of the terms I know come from those two comics I mentioned and from the
english words in model kit instructions -they hold pretty true to what series
were released in the US through AnimeVillage. (At least, the subtitled versions
do.) examples:

"Full Vernian," "Kompei Island," "Solomon," "Dom," Etc. It's very similar to the
subtitles, with a few differences. (for example, they always say "federation
forces" and not the "UNT Spacy" or anything like that.)

Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
"The more you know, the less you understand." - Tao te Ching

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