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> But in the end, to the chagrin of Probe, the Turn-A kicks the snot out of
> everything. The End...
> Y. Choe


> I mean, L.Gaim had it, Five Star Stories is full of it, Orgus had it,
> Escaflowne is essencially about it, Nadesico had it, Gundam Wing had it
> not once but TWICE... hell, even Mighty Morphine Flower Strangers has it!

Orguss? What did they excavate in Orguss? Somethin from Macross or Souther
Cross? (Did I get that right? SDF Macross, SDF Souther Cross, SDF Orguss /
Orguss 2?) - yet another series I've never seen (unless you count robotech). Are
those series actually related in any way other than transforming mecha, and why
the HELL isn't there a hover tank model kit from southern cross? (or for that
matter, any mecha from that series??)

And what did they dig up in Gundamwing? I'm waiting for some kind of US release
with most of the gundam series so pardon my lack of information.

> > Besides, the idea of our favorite classic MS being elevated to the level
> > of the holy grail is just too cool to pass up! It's a flavor rarely seen
> > in anime or science fiction for that matter (Waterworld and Planet of
> Come on man! It's so common in anime it's BANAL! Just ONCE, I'd like to
> see the "Hero Mech from the Heroic Distant Past" fall flat on its butt
> because it hasn't had an oil change in 5000 years!
> -Probe

yeah, I agree. After a while it does get pretty tiresome, but if its done right
it can be pretty effective. Well, it could be if it was done right AND done
sparingly, but then there'd be a serious lacking of science fiction plots. We'd
have battletech with its "Star League" era technology being rediscovered, and a
couple of old apocalyptic films, like Planet of the Apes. (And Macross! Where
would we be without the Macross, eh?)

Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
"The more you know, the less you understand." - Tao te Ching

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