Re: [gundam] Best battleship at its time?

Paul Fields (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 14:23:40 -0400

Actually I quite agree with the secret payload scenario, but not MS
unless you are guessing this is where the first Operation V MS
were launched from here too. But definately for the weaker Polar
LEO launch, also with the tunnel and amphibious loading bay with
elevator, I'd guess they had submarines too for sneaking stuff here
from Augusta base, since the Feds used to run everything, it was
probably an easy stop over for subs going from North America to
Russia, and back, one thing you never see in Gundam is the jet
that goes suborbital, and re-enters to get around the world in 4
hours, how long have those ideas been floating around, and no
one in gundam does it. The other thing about Polar launches is
the window is more constant. Your Side might be on the wrong
side of the planet from where you are on the equator.

If we don't launch now, those Zeon bastards will get the Gundam

But sir if we launch now, the Gundam will never get to Side 6.

Or are my orbital mechanics just screwed up...


>> They also had a heavy-launch facility of some kind which leads one
>>wonder: What the HELL was that base FOR in the first place? An obvious
>>answer would be "To launch payloads into polar LEO

Or could there have been some other
>>serious stuff going on there that we never hear about?

>I'd opt for a secret military base that's been around for a while, and
>which needs a launch pad for the occaisional spy satellite or secret MS
>smuggling operation.

Speaking of which, I going to come up with a secret missions of the OYW
thread, so get your thinking caps on.


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