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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 09:46:11 -0700 (MST)

> >technology and they are just now literally digging up fossil mecha
> It's a weird concept, I'll admit, but one that has been lurking around

  Yeah, but it's SUCH a stereotype in anime!
  I mean, L.Gaim had it, Five Star Stories is full of it, Orgus had it,
Escaflowne is essencially about it, Nadesico had it, Gundam Wing had it
not once but TWICE... hell, even Mighty Morphine Flower Strangers has it!

> doesn't happen overnight of course. Something akin to a cataclysm must
> have occurred to precipitate events leading to a Turn-A scenario.
> Actually, if Tomino had been more exhaustive with his research, I'd say
> a Turn-A world could easily have been the result of Operation British!

  But so MUCH UC history happened after OB that I don't think you can
really say that anymore...
  My bet is an Iron-Mask like campaign to wipe out life on Earth with
bio-weapons of some sort. Of course, you'd think this would have happened
a little _earlier_. After all, it would be easier to deploy than say,

> 3. Millions more perish as a result of widespread famine and
> 4. All space traffic between earth and the colonies is halted
> 5. In the ensuing chaos... the Sides secede... minor conflicts
> 6. Devastation on earth renders current tech level too
> expensive to sustain... over the next several decades,
> 7. Separated generations of humans grow up with almost zero
> 8. Eventually, spacenoids realize that any move to expand
> humankind's reach beyond earthspace will prove extremely
> difficult without an earth-based industrial foundation...

  And if you look at this closely, what you've done is essencially
re-iterated the basic plot of DP9's "Jovian Chronicles" gundam-like
strategy game! Ah, how we have come full circle.

> Besides, the idea of our favorite classic MS being elevated to the level
> of the holy grail is just too cool to pass up! It's a flavor rarely seen
> in anime or science fiction for that matter (Waterworld and Planet of

  Come on man! It's so common in anime it's BANAL! Just ONCE, I'd like to
see the "Hero Mech from the Heroic Distant Past" fall flat on its butt
because it hasn't had an oil change in 5000 years!

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