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Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 08:35:46 PDT

>> >I heard this "Aurora" superduper secret jet that has been alleged to
>> >exist, and Tom Clancy confirming, possibley runs on this "pulse"
>> >engine. Photos of the ringed smoke trails in aviation magazines and
>> >the whole bit.
>> >Well, they brought the flying wing back, so why not. But using
>> >the Nazi's used on their rockets? Ick.
>> >
>> >Mark Kai

>Ya, the Germans were nuts when it came to new designs. So what why
>developed them, so long as you can get some good use out of their
>why not? Only a fool would believe we'd be condoning Nazis by using
>something one of them came up with (like Hitler and the autobahn and
>freeways). You want to give up jet fighters and submarine missles,

I never said we should give our technology up on the basis of where
it comes from, or we are condoning the Nazis. But it's not something
to be fond of. It's what's done with the technology, Al, and the
matter of how it is acquired that matters.

Mark Kai
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