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 I beg to differ. By that logic, Capule would be one of the last MS to be
 picked to be appear in Turn-A Gundam.
 Do you really think one of the most bizzarre looking MS from one of the
 least popular UC series are picked to sell toys? IIRC, Capule didn't even
 get 1/144 kit treatment. And I doubt not too many older fans will watch
 the show just to see Capule.
It all makes sense now. IT is a plan to make ZZ Gundam seem cool. I mean
yeah the Capule is dorky but compared to the Turn A it is awesome. They are
hoping to make people so desperate for a cool looking mech that they will go
out and buy all of the leftover ZZ models. then when Turn A is over they
will rebroadcast ZZ to a wild fanfare.
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