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>when white-base visited side 6 as a bait while the 3rd (is it 3rd?) fleet
>departed from earth. the guys at side 6 said that they cannot "supply" the
>13th fleet. but RX-78NT1 was assembled there and therefore a pretty big
>base should be at side six. also another white-base class ship (with
>guncannons and sniper 2 GMs) was defending the colonies against MS-18 in
>0080. it might just be there because of alex. but surely.. i hope u
>understand what i meant...

The short answer is SIDE 6 is MANY colonies. While the Alex was being
tested at Fed base, the base was SECRET, no one on White Base would
have any reason to know it is there. Even laser communications would have
a chance of being intercepted, so they couldn't tell them to go to this base
on the other colony, just go to Side 6, and be a decoy. Side 6's government
asks the White Base to leave, and so they go, but had they stayed a day or
two longer, the Alex would have been finished, Grey Phantom would have
picked it up, and rendezvous with the White Base delivering it to Amuro as
originally planned.

The Alex was being developed on Side 6 in SECRET, no one who lived
there knew what was going on, but the testing trials of the Alex were almost
over so just like White Base picked up the original three months earlier, so
did Grey Phantom show up to pick up Alex EXACTLY three months after the
White Base picked up RX-78-2 on Side 7. Now as for the size of the Fed
base, it WAS huge, but only on the Libol colony of Side 6, since there are
up to 30 colonies floating at any one LaGrange point there is no reason to
assume they were on the same one, and as far as the stories go, I'm quite
sure that they weren't. Imagine Zeons distress, we're following the new ship
Wooden Horse out of the colony, another one is approaches 3 days later in
a different colony. The biggest problem was the Zeon attack on the side that
allowed Bernie to get BACK into the colony, followed the Zeon attack on
White Base the day before, and both of those were after Bernie's original
sortie against side 6 on the 13th, so when the Riah government passed a
law forbidding Zeon ships to enter the colonies of side 6 on the day after
third attack I don't blame them. Now I have;

DEC 13 White Base entering Side 6 / Zeon attacks Libol Colony
DEC 14 White Base leaves Side 6 as asked, Zeons causes provokes a
               conflict just outside Side6's neutral borders. (Yes the Feds
               first, but they won the war and got to write the history.)
DEC 15 Zeon attacks Libol Colony again. (Uses attack to divert attention
               away from Mobile Suit being smuggled into the Colony.)
DEC 16 Side 6 passes law against Zeon ships in their ports.
DEC 17 Cyclops Recon finds Feds hidden Base.
DEC 18 Cyclops team attacks Fed Base.
DEC 19 CMDR Killing learns of Cyclops team failure, Steals nukes, readies
               his fleet to leave for Side 6, and destroy it himself.
DEC 20 Bernie uses parts from GMs, and his Zaku, (Its been a week, and no
               one has noticed it, or posted Guards or anything around it.
DEC 25 Bernie engages Alex, Al's father tells him that a Fed fleet destroyed
               a Zeon fleet carrying Nukes, and headed for the Colony. (Al's
               must have been on one of those slow energy conserving 3 day
               because it shouldn't have taken Killing 5 days to get there,
after there
               are so many examples of people from his base getting to Side
               in around a day from all of the timelines, but they MIGHT
have been
               burning 3 times the fuel to do it who knows.)

Unfortunately this is where my timeline gets sketchy. I am currently lacking
details for the events of the 21st through 24th excluding Al, and Bernie
the truck getting hauled away, and Al trashing the Feds jeep, and making
believe it was all their fault. The 24th begins the Assault on Solomon, and
the details get sketchy again through the end of the war. anyone wanting to
at them can do so at my site, the url for the history is;

I'm open to comments and suggestions off the list, e-mail me at


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