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Paul Lampshire (
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 22:56:39 +0100

>> I think a gundam action game would be cool, but only if it was done a la
>> On -interface and gameplay. (of course there'd have to be actual levels
not just
>> two-player combat zones).
>Well, it already exists. Blue Destiny trilogy. Too bad didn't have too
>much missions though.
>And of course, there's "Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise from Ashes", due out
>this summer for Dreamcast, which looks pretty just by looking at the
>> But a strategy game... it would definitely be cool.

Does anybody know anything about a game for the Super Famicom - it's a
strategy game [Although F91 is described like that - and it's more of a
crap action game than a strategy game (please correct me if I'm wrong] based
on Zeta Gundam called 'Zeta Gundam - Away to the Newtype' AFAICT it's got a
copyright date of 1996 and it's a 20Mb cartidge...

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