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Paul Fields (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 08:17:19 -0400

> Three mobile suits per team is standard for the Zeons (grouped into
>squadrons of 9 or 12 mobile suits). Federation teams are supposed to
>comprise five mobile suits/Balls/fighters, but all the teams we see in
>the animation (esp. in 0083) are four-unit teams. It's possible that
>Federation ground forces use a four-unit team structure inherited from
>tank companies, while their space forces inherit a five-unit team
>structure from space fighter squadrons... after all, the Federal Forces
>do seem to be split into two or more branches.
>-- Mark

The Zeon 3 man teams coming from the fact, Zeon's war-horse the Musai
carries 3, except for Char's which carried 4 (maybe they stored it in the
Komusai) Or am I way off. At least that would explain why Zeon ground
and space forces used the same squad numbers, the unit size originated
from the same place.

Also if the space based Feds go in groups of five, what ships do they have
to carry that many besides the WhiteBase?

Mark, someone off topiced about Patlabor a bit ago, about how everyone
was scared of MS because there was no transition from Forklifts to MS in
the UC era, but I thought the MS were adapted from the vehicles used in
building the colonies right?


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