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Mark Simmons (
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Dennis writes,

>more on GM - there were 6 factories and it is only 1/20 of gundam's cost.
>i think the 6 sites were:
>Luna 2
>Europe - in the 2nd movie where zion lost big time - i heard Fed attacked
>because of the material supplies...
>China - 08th ms team
>North-pole? - where RX-78NT1 (alex) came from
>i cannot figure out the rest.

  Odessa was a major mining facility, but it's doubtful whether the
Federation could set up factories there in time to contribute
substantially to the war effort. As for China and the arctic, I doubt it;
the 08th MS Team mobile suits were made from Gundam spare parts, probably
at Jaburo, and the Alex is launched from a small research post that is
easily wiped out by the Cyclops team.

  If you wanted to come up with another four production spots to
supplement Luna Two and Jaburo, I might suggest Belfast and perhaps
Madras. Belfast is the location of the Federation base where White Base
docks after Operation Odessa, while Madras, India is described as a major
Federation base in Giren's Greed and Hobby Japan's Gundam RPG.

-- Mark

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