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Mark Simmons (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 02:00:21 -0700

Khyro writes,

>As you might remember, I've been working on a tabletop wargame based on
>Gundam. I'm currently using Mark Simmon's suggestion of a game based on
>of Mobile Suits, with individual aces. However, I'm not sure about the size
>of these teams.

  Three mobile suits per team is standard for the Zeons (grouped into
squadrons of 9 or 12 mobile suits). Federation teams are supposed to
comprise five mobile suits/Balls/fighters, but all the teams we see in
the animation (esp. in 0083) are four-unit teams. It's possible that
Federation ground forces use a four-unit team structure inherited from
tank companies, while their space forces inherit a five-unit team
structure from space fighter squadrons... after all, the Federal Forces
do seem to be split into two or more branches.

-- Mark

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