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> 1. Colony drop. Millions perish in Australia and surrounding
> areas.
> 2. Colony impact causes severe geological and metereological
> after effects (tectonic shifts, Volcanoes erupting all over...
> clouds of ash... tidal waves... hurricanes...)
> 3. Millions more perish as a result of widespread famine and
> other calamities...
> 4. All space traffic between earth and the colonies is halted
> for pratical purposes.
> 5. In the ensuing chaos... the Sides secede... minor conflicts
> between the suddenly masterless UNT Spacy and colony forces
> but with the help of Zeon, Lunar Entities, and the JEF, these
> are quickly put to a quick halt...
> 6. Devastation on earth renders current tech level too
> expensive to sustain... over the next several decades,
> standards of living and technology slide back to perhaps even
> pre-20th century standards...
> 7. Separated generations of humans grow up with almost zero
> contact with each other. Cultures on the surface and in space
> become radically different as a result of the disparity
> between tech levels...
> 8. Eventually, spacenoids realize that any move to expand
> humankind's reach beyond earthspace will prove extremely
> difficult without an earth-based industrial foundation...
> 9. Spacenoids decide to resubjugate the earth they had
> abandoned long ago...

Interesting. But I wonder what could precipitate that kind of cataclysmic
event on Earth Sphere in UC or any of the Gundam universe. The only Earth
that survived any thing of that great magnitiude was Gundam X... UC has
been battered several times, and it's not too unlikely that it was battered
several times after Victory Saga, with UNT becoming nothing more than a
laughing stock. Hmm... I could just see it now.

Gundam RX-78-3 is discovered, and quickly overwhelms the opposition with its
beam weapon technology, until Someone else discovers Zeta Gundam and RX-178,
and all heck breaks loose. Then without warning, the errent asteroid Axis
comes out of nowhere with Nu Gundam embedded within. The moonoids excavate
God, Devil, Wing Zero Custom, and Gundam X Divider and all other Gundams
bearing Buster Weapons.

But in the end, to the chagrin of Probe, the Turn-A kicks the snot out of
everything. The End...

Y. Choe

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