Re: [gundam] Turn-A & UC

James L. Ravelo II (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 15:10:51 +0000

> Well, Turn-A Gundam may just be the result of such an act. The process
> doesn't happen overnight of course. Something akin to a cataclysm must
> have occurred to precipitate events leading to a Turn-A scenario.
> Actually, if Tomino had been more exhaustive with his research, I'd say
> a Turn-A world could easily have been the result of Operation British!
> How? Here's a possible sketch:
> 1. Colony drop. Millions perish in Australia and surrounding
> areas.
> 2. Colony impact causes severe geological and metereological
> after effects (tectonic shifts, Volcanoes erupting all over...
> clouds of ash... tidal waves... hurricanes...)
> 3. Millions more perish as a result of widespread famine and
> other calamities...
> 4. All space traffic between earth and the colonies is halted
> for pratical purposes.
> 5. In the ensuing chaos... the Sides secede... minor conflicts
> between the suddenly masterless UNT Spacy and colony forces
> but with the help of Zeon, Lunar Entities, and the JEF, these
> are quickly put to a quick halt...
> 6. Devastation on earth renders current tech level too
> expensive to sustain... over the next several decades,
> standards of living and technology slide back to perhaps even
> pre-20th century standards...
> 7. Separated generations of humans grow up with almost zero
> contact with each other. Cultures on the surface and in space
> become radically different as a result of the disparity
> between tech levels...
> 8. Eventually, spacenoids realize that any move to expand
> humankind's reach beyond earthspace will prove extremely
> difficult without an earth-based industrial foundation...
> 9. Spacenoids decide to resubjugate the earth they had
> abandoned long ago... does seem possible, given the effect of a colony drop on earth,
anime-wise or in reality...

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