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>'Excavated'? Are you serious? Are you trying to say that Turn-A IS
>just so far into the future that they've completely forgotten all MS
>technology and they are just now literally digging up fossil mecha

It's a weird concept, I'll admit, but one that has been lurking around
in the corners of my imagination ever since I saw Z Gundam (which was a
long long long time ago...)

I remember being in a discussion here with -Z- about how the very nature
of space flight creates economic and political barriers between earth
and the colonies and the suggestion of how very easily the space
colonies can just simply abandon contact with the earthnoids and pursue
that evolutionary dream Zeon Zum Daikun had been nattering about since
day one...

Well, Turn-A Gundam may just be the result of such an act. The process
doesn't happen overnight of course. Something akin to a cataclysm must
have occurred to precipitate events leading to a Turn-A scenario.
Actually, if Tomino had been more exhaustive with his research, I'd say
a Turn-A world could easily have been the result of Operation British!

How? Here's a possible sketch:

     1. Colony drop. Millions perish in Australia and surrounding
     2. Colony impact causes severe geological and metereological
     after effects (tectonic shifts, Volcanoes erupting all over...
     clouds of ash... tidal waves... hurricanes...)
     3. Millions more perish as a result of widespread famine and
     other calamities...
     4. All space traffic between earth and the colonies is halted
     for pratical purposes.
     5. In the ensuing chaos... the Sides secede... minor conflicts
     between the suddenly masterless UNT Spacy and colony forces
     but with the help of Zeon, Lunar Entities, and the JEF, these
     are quickly put to a quick halt...
     6. Devastation on earth renders current tech level too
     expensive to sustain... over the next several decades,
     standards of living and technology slide back to perhaps even
     pre-20th century standards...
     7. Separated generations of humans grow up with almost zero
     contact with each other. Cultures on the surface and in space
     become radically different as a result of the disparity
     between tech levels...
     8. Eventually, spacenoids realize that any move to expand
     humankind's reach beyond earthspace will prove extremely
     difficult without an earth-based industrial foundation...
     9. Spacenoids decide to resubjugate the earth they had
     abandoned long ago...

Although I'm gearing myself up for a more fantastic explanation should
Turn-A turn out (whoah a pun!) to be part of the UC timeline after

Besides, the idea of our favorite classic MS being elevated to the level
of the holy grail is just too cool to pass up! It's a flavor rarely seen
in anime or science fiction for that matter (Waterworld and Planet of
the Apes being forerunners in this sub-genre).

All the more reason to keep our receptors aimed in that direction for
further developments :)


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