RE: [gundam] Best battleship at its time?

Y. Choe (
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 18:28:48 -0700

> BTW, can anyone figure out the factories for GMs in OYW??

Whatta ya mean by that? The Locations? It's mostly believed that the
majority of GMs in OYW were manufactured in Jaburo as were most, if not all,
MS from Federation. I'd assume some colonies aligned with Federation
would've lend in a hand or three in manufacturing the GM. The reason that
the Feds were able to pump out GMs? If nothing else, the GM is relatively
easy to construct and is highly modular. Also, only having single major MS
to build, aside from specific or other variants which I'm also assuming that
it's fairly cheap to convert from your normal GM, makes parts very
interchangeable and all the other good stuff that you can infer.

Boy is it good to be back!

Y. "Kick them in the Balkans" Choe

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