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now THAT sounds like a good idea!I hope it turns out nice! hey probe, you got a
web page with all your model stuff on it?

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> Hey guys!
> It's me, Crazy Probe! And My modelling adventure for this week is to
> create my very own 'semi-GM' version of Bandai's hot Gundam Mk.II kit...
> the Gundam IIEZ! Partially inspired by the EZ8 from 8MST and the GunEZ
> from VG, my new design is fairly simple:
> First, the shield 'inner area' is painted rust-red, as is the dark blue
> torso, crotch-cap piece, and feet. The inner shield is painted dark
> metallic charcoal grey, as are the forehead and chin pieces, the
> shield-view-slot, etc. The Yellow parts, such as the neckpiece, and chest
> vents are medium grey....
> My plan is to assemble the mecha pretty much just like the regular
> Mk.II, except the V-fin is now gone, replaced with just the black forehead
> polygon, the chinpiece will probably be gone too (Or at least cut-down a
> bit), the color-scheme is now much more GM-like (Inspired by my repainted
> GM-GS model), the eyes and sensors are green painted over chrome (Looks
> GREAT!) etc. I couldn't think of any other simple mods for now, though I
> am planning on opening up the visor area and perhaps replacing it with the
> spare visor from my Vigna Zirah.
> What I'm brainstorming right now is what to do about the weapons. I like
> the bazooka, but I want to make a different rifle for this guy, something
> akin to a ZG-version of a Beam-spray gun. I was thinking of basically a
> sawed-off Mk.II beam rifle, with maybe an add-on tube grenade launcher. I
> was going to only give the bugger just one saber, but the way the backpack
> fins work, that would look pretty dumb! (On the other hand, maybe it makes
> sense to leave off those big backpack fins... naaah!)
> -Probe
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