Re: [gundam] Best battleship at its time?

Dennis (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 03:27:54 +0800

in games AA guns "chance to hit" is very high. they do some damage but not enough to
destroy a ms (in CCA the first n best example of a ms shot down by AA : ) all hail
the feds!) i dont know is it 10 times more (they can reload) but there can fire 20
at once - sorry 10 times (instead of 5) at much! 4*2 holes on each side of the ship
near the front and 6*2 on other side just behind the turrets. salamis and magellan
bridges are VERY dodgy. but other than that feds have learnt to build a 2nd brigdge
just for combat (why not 1 altogether?)(the cruiser in CCA did not reside in the 2nd
bridge because of a surprise attack at luna 2 and was therefore blown to bits)
zion ships do seem to be MUCH bigger though... sob
BTW, can anyone figure out the factories for GMs in OYW??

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