Re: [gundam] Limited edition Deathscyth

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 4 Apr 1999 09:12:05 -0700 (MST)

> > Anyone out there has got the limited edition Deathscyth?
> There is one on eBay, right now.
> HREF="">eBay
> item 86295805 (Ends 04/10/99 00:17:59 PDT) - Gundam Wing Deathscythe Hell
> Custom **NEW**

  Eeugh. Of _all_ of the Crystallized kits, this one seems to be the most
innappropriate, if only because of its dark-colors! I can understand a
bright green and red design (Nattaku) or RW&B (Wing), but black?


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