Re: [gundam] Best battleship at its time?

Michael Ip (
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 20:40:33 +1200

Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > > My personal favorite is the Guaden-Class of super-battleships... kinda
> > > between the Yamato and Star-Wars schools of ship-building. Big, bad and
> > > beautiful!
> > which is the guaden-class??
> I may have misspelled it, but they are those big bright-red
> aircraft-like shaped superbattleships that the Zeons use in the 1YW. I
> think there are at most six of these monstrous ships.

I romanise it as Gwadan. yeah they are nice. I was trying to recall the class
of ship, but I had to look back into my Z Gundam Mechanical Edition. Beautiful

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