[gundam] [MODEL] MG RX-178EZ

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 21:58:20 -0700 (MST)

Hey guys!

  It's me, Crazy Probe! And My modelling adventure for this week is to
create my very own 'semi-GM' version of Bandai's hot Gundam Mk.II kit...
the Gundam IIEZ! Partially inspired by the EZ8 from 8MST and the GunEZ
from VG, my new design is fairly simple:

  First, the shield 'inner area' is painted rust-red, as is the dark blue
torso, crotch-cap piece, and feet. The inner shield is painted dark
metallic charcoal grey, as are the forehead and chin pieces, the
shield-view-slot, etc. The Yellow parts, such as the neckpiece, and chest
vents are medium grey....

  My plan is to assemble the mecha pretty much just like the regular
Mk.II, except the V-fin is now gone, replaced with just the black forehead
polygon, the chinpiece will probably be gone too (Or at least cut-down a
bit), the color-scheme is now much more GM-like (Inspired by my repainted
GM-GS model), the eyes and sensors are green painted over chrome (Looks
GREAT!) etc. I couldn't think of any other simple mods for now, though I
am planning on opening up the visor area and perhaps replacing it with the
spare visor from my Vigna Zirah.
  What I'm brainstorming right now is what to do about the weapons. I like
the bazooka, but I want to make a different rifle for this guy, something
akin to a ZG-version of a Beam-spray gun. I was thinking of basically a
sawed-off Mk.II beam rifle, with maybe an add-on tube grenade launcher. I
was going to only give the bugger just one saber, but the way the backpack
fins work, that would look pretty dumb! (On the other hand, maybe it makes
sense to leave off those big backpack fins... naaah!)


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