Re: [gundam] Best battleship at its time?

Dennis (
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 12:33:38 +0800

how about fire-power not cost?
i LOVE la kailum, it is THE ship (only the looks). but in terms of fire power
which is the best? i thought magellan - it has more guns than anyone else.
the rando bell fleet had only 3 cruisers and 1 bb, while neo-zion had 20+
ships. hm... not too realistic really... and did the neo-zion flagship sink?
crossbone vanguard, i thought they are good. but... the remaining of a jegan
(xm-07 shot it) destroyed the flagship : ) oh well it must be rubbish.
more on GM - there were 6 factories and it is only 1/20 of gundam's cost.
i think the 6 sites were:
Luna 2
Europe - in the 2nd movie where zion lost big time - i heard Fed attacked
because of the material supplies...
China - 08th ms team
North-pole? - where RX-78NT1 (alex) came from
i cannot figure out the rest.
looking at the MG model - everything is the same as gundam except a few things
that i mentioned earlier. what do people think about GM (the robot itself) and
its model?

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