Re: [gundam] Best battleship at its time?

Mark Nguyen (
Sat, 03 Apr 1999 17:24:41 PST

>The best battleship for me would probably be the La Cairum/La Kailum
>from Char's Counterattack. In fact, it's too good a design that it's
>extends to F91 and V Gundam...

This is more of a metter of complacency than anything else; the
Crossbone Vanguard sage is hardly a skirmish in the big picture, and
very little happens in between.

>But in terms of use, can anything beat the good old Salamis Cruiser?

Well, EVERYTHING has beaten it, if you think about it. :)

More seriously, once the Salamis Kai shows up with its tiny hangar bay,
it soon becomes the standard ship in the fleet. Still as ugly as hell,
IMO. But useful as a relatively inexpensive means of ferrying the REAL
weapons to the battlefield, and providing support therof.

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