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Paul Lampshire (
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 10:15:22 +0100

>>A Gundam Chess Game!
>>Feds (White) vs. Zeon (Red)!

How about using the sides [if not the designs] from SD Gundam Sengoku.
>>Pawns: GMs and Zakus

Balls, maybe for the Feds/Whatever

>>Knight: Alex and Gelgoog Jaeger
Alex and Hyakushiki for the Feds, And I'll comeback to the other side

>>Bishop: Zeta and Quebley

Zeta and Mk II for the Feds. Quebley and Hambrabi for the Zeons/Titans
>>Rook: GP02 and Gerbera Tetra

Maybe Psycho Mk 1 and Psycho Mk II for the Feds [And yes, I know they were
built by the titans, but it's hard to find *big* mechs for the Feds] and the
Zakurello and Elmeth for the Zeons Alternatively the Psychos for the Zeons
and the S-Gundam for the Feds...

>>Queen: Nu Gundam and Sazabi

I could say Hyakushiki here [If only because he enters the womens swimming
event in SD Gundam] Maybe Quebley Mk II for the Zeons and, maybe Alex for
the Feds? [In which case we need to swap the [knight] Alex for say the ReGz?

>>King: Original RX-78 and MSN-02 Jiong

> Hey, why not Alex Vs. Kampfer? I mean, it's "historically"
>accurate.. =). As for GP02 being the rook for the Feds, it's a little
>inappropriate, don't you think? GP03, or a Guncannon/ 0080 GM Sniper maybe?

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