Re: [gundam] bandai transorfming kits

Der UberHanyok (
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 01:07:28 -0500

> The 1/60 scale V2 Gundam transforms without swapping, but as a rule of thumb
> for swap-less transformation you want to go with toys, which tend to go up
> exponentially in price as they go out of print. The 1/55 scale Takatoku
> diecast toys of the Valkyries are going for hundreds of dollars on eBay, and
> recently a Takatoku diecast SDF-1 went for almost $1,000 there too. Get
> them damn toys while you can...
> Eddie

hmm... any of you know of any stores that sell these things that have websites
or something? I'd try to buy one at eBay, but some of those people are vicious
about last-minute bidding. I'm looking for Macross 7 mecha, though, nothing
else. (MG kits will do just fine, thank you! heheh)

Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
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