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geez doc, thanks. now I want to play that game. sigh. I was thinking how neat it
would be to have your prototype running around in some whacked out
configuration - big guns, heavy armor, no core fighter, lots of verniers, etc
etc... he could be your "hero" and all your other troops, blah blah blah...

I think a gundam action game would be cool, but only if it was done a la Virtual
On -interface and gameplay. (of course there'd have to be actual levels not just
two-player combat zones).

But a strategy game... it would definitely be cool.

Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
"The more you know, the less you understand." - Tao te Ching

> The best terrain type would be space of course. With floating asteroids
> as resources.
> Now that we're here, it seems that there's as much a desire for a good
> Gundam strategy game as there is for a good Gundam combat simulator
> (many of which are already out there but are lacking in one aspect or
> another)...
> Here are a few ideas for such a strategy game:
> a. Resources and production ala Starcraft/Warcraft
> b. Upgrades ala Master of Orion with a few modifications:
> Either side starts with a prototype (a Gundam, for instance)
> The prototype can be upgraded in several aspects
> Armor (e.g. luna titanium to gundarium)
> Weapons (e.g. shells to beam weaponry)
> Speed
> Fancy Pants (e.g. transformation or fin funnels)
> Construction (e.g. Coreblock/Moncoque to Movable frame)
> A prototype has to be used in combat to be tested (it accumulates
> battle points or something...)
> Once a prototype accumulates sufficient test points, then it can
> be mass produced at a cheaper cost (e.g. Gundams as GMs)
> c. Add in territorial politics and economics to add more strategy:
> Each side starts with a solid territory: Feds have Side 7, Zeon has
> Side 3
> Between them are 'neutral' territories: Sides 2-6, Two Lunar Cities,
> Earth
> Continents)
> Each territory has a unique benefit (e.g. Von Braun and Anaheim can
> speed up
> MS production, Side 6 can give intelligence info)
> Each territory's population has a 'tolerance level' for the conflict
> (reminiscent of the original MechWarrior--a territory's native
> population
> can get hostile towards you depending on what you do to them).
> Ships can finally have a pratical purpose (as MS carriers or mobile
> HQs).
> d. Combat occurs whenever forces of either side meet at a particular
> territory
> (if you've played Star Control One or Wing Commander Armada, it's
> something
> like that)
> e. The winner is the side which wipes out the other from Earthspace.
> A further thought, but goes beyond the scope of the Gundam universe
> (like we usually do): (we can call it an 'expansion set' to our
> theoretical strategy game)
> Add in Jupiterspace as additional combat territories:
> You'd have four moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto)
> Numerous orbiting factories
> Another side to the conflict (Jupiter Energy Fleet) and
> consequenty
> more MS designs and ships....
> Of course, if ideas were the only problem, we'd already have the Gundam
> game we always wanted (in whatever form). Unfortunately, game designers
> still have to plead their case to the producers.
> "It's money, not love, which makes the world go round...."
> <grumblegrumblegroan>
> ~DOC
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