[gundam] More 0083 Observations

Rodrick Su (rsu@tigana.com)
Fri, 2 Apr 1999 17:44:44 -0800

Just re-watch the 0083 episodes 1-4, and here are some observations:

At the beganning of episode 1, during the Battle of A Bao A Qu, when Delaz talk
Gato out of going out on a Dom Tropen, he mentioned that Gato's home ship Doros
has been destroyed. Wasn't Doros the extra large MS carrier which Giren
comissioned that went operational just before the final battle.

Also, in terms of factions, Gato, by his nickname would have been stationed at
Solomon for the most part of the OYW, and getting transfered for the Gelgoog
test piloting stint. Since he missed the battle of Solomon, he would have to
settled for action at A Bao A Qu. But under whose command would he be? During
the test piloting stint, he would be in Kishiria's Mobile Assult Force. But I
simply cannot see Giren giving Kishiria the Doros, and not keep it within the
Home Fleet, which he directly control. Delaz would be in the Home Fleet as
well, since his direct commander in Chief is Giren.

Other observations: Maharaja Khan, the founder of Axis, would most likely to be
in Space Attack Force under the command of Dozul Zabi. Could this have been the
cause of the rift between Axis and Delaz? Delaz himself is under the command of
Home Fleet. And of course, everybody's bad girl Cima would most likely to be in
Mobile Assult Force.

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